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With our new rewards program, you earn tokens every time you make a purchase in the Tadano shop or in-store. You can even earn tokens by referring your friends to our shop.

How does it work?

Tadano tokens are here, helping you save for discounts so you can earn your official tadano gear sooner. With your account, you can redeem tokens in the shopping basket at your next purchase, or even save up and redeem them for a free scale model! Read below to find out how to get your hands on some tokens. 

We’ve made earning rewards nice and easy. Earn tokens when you:

  • Make in-store purchases, such as scale models and T-shirts.
  • Refer a friend to the Tadano Shop via your account.
  • Complete your account with additional information, such as your birth date (and receive a gift on your birthday!)

Any questions about Tadano tokens? Look at our FAQ or contact us.